Swans Room

It's all about 'Swans'

Swan’s is our dedicated room for children aged from 3 – 4 years.

The Pre-school years are a vital time for preparing children for school life and getting use to a more formal routine as well as growing, learning through play and enjoying their last year of Nursery.

The transition from Nursery to School is huge and we understand the importance of making it as smooth as possible for our children and you as parents. This is why we hold a Parents information evening at the start of the academic year to set out our focus for the year, how we will work you with in the transition, and share the basic self care needs children should have before starting school.

Staff plan Adult-led activities each day which are developed from your childs interests and incorporated into their learning needs. Children have access to a variety of areas in our Swans room, this is to encourage them to make their own choices and choose what interests them the most.

We are so pleased to be apart of the Mini Minds Matter program which is set out to support children of pre-school age and their families, we will teach mindfulness and equip children with the skills to learn self meditation and build positive growth mindsets.   

Children need to form a secure attachment to a key person when they join our setting to feel safe, happy and eager to participate and learn. Your childs key person will be the first point of contact for parents with any concerns you may have and they will be their to support parents in their role as the childs first and most enduring educators.

As well as being a source of comfort for your child and a source of support for parents, your childs key person will also be responsible for your childs developments records, completing progress checks and sharing information with you.

We operate an app called ‘Famly’ this is free to download on smartphones. We use this app for

  • Uploading meals, sleeps times and creams
  • Sending you photos throughout the day
  • Sharing news and updates
  • Uploading detailed monthly observations
  • Parents can share and upload on their childs profile
  • Sharing celebrations and much more

In Swans we work at a minimum ratio of 1:8.

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