Ducklings Room

It's all about 'Ducklings'

Duckling’s is our dedicated room for children aged from 2 – 3 years.

The toddler years are a wonderful time of communicating, forming relationships and learning new skills and experiences every day.

In Ducklings our children are encouraged to grow their self-help skills and independence. For example, at the start of their session each child will take part in self-registration where they find their photograph and stick it on the door, our toilets are very close by so children will be encouraged to go and wash their hands and faces, with an Auntie over looking.

Ducklings room is fully equipped to meet not only the childrens independence needs but also meet their learning and development needs, we have specific areas such as a home corner, creative area, construction area, small world and a wonderful Pavilla that is used as our cosy story area.

Young children need to form a secure attachment to a key person when they join our setting to feel safe, happy and eager to participate and learn. Your childs key person will be the first point of contact for parents with any concerns you may have and they will be their to support parents in their role as the childs first and most enduring educators.

As well as being a source of comfort for your child and a source of support for parents, your Childs key person will also be responsible for your childs developments records, completing progress checks and sharing information with you via our app called ‘Famly’, this is free to download on smartphones. We also use this app for

  • Uploading meals, sleeps times, nappy changes/ toileting and creams
  • Sending you photos throughout the day
  • Sharing news and updates
  • Uploading detailed monthly observations
  • Parents can share and upload on their childs profile
  • Sharing celebrations and much more

In ducklings we work at a minimum ratio of 1:4.

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